Great Ideas are fruits of challenging experiences and often serve as spring boards to better experiences. The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. I strongly hold that we must stop talking and start acting because it is often said that, actions speak louder than words! Welcome to Allis Vivere Foundation!

The thought of beginning a Foundation first appeared like a dream some months before my 10th Priestly anniversary in 2016. I never thought I would, until I started doing something. However my experiences in the Priesthood over the years prompted my vision.

As a Priest, for about ten years, I have worked in several Parish Churches and Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Warri, Delta State, Nigeria. I have served in several capacities as Chaplain to youth organizations. In all of these apostolate, I have been confronted with several questions that bother on uncertainties of the future by so many young ones and some adult Christians.

Also, as a Counseling Psychologist, I have also encountered several cases of delinquencies, frustrations, school drop-outs, drugs, social-ills as a consequence of unfortunate circumstances. These instances motivated my thoughts to establish a foundation that will precisely be concerned with attending to the root causes of these unfortunate situations, which I identified as problems of ignorance, anxiety and joblessness.

It is on this note that I called on four friends, who agreed to project my vision of youth empowerment through skill acquisition programs and counseling services. The choice of name was another issue; after brainstorming, we came out with a Latin name “Allis Vivere” a Latin phrase which means, “live for others”. The reason for this name was because it reflects the nature of the task which is Sacrificial- not for any temporal gain; hence it is a non-for-profit organization.

We registered as Trustees to the foundation in accordance with the laws of the Federal republic of Nigeria. We agreed to organize skill acquisition programs periodically within the year, to give opportunities to many youths in different localities, irrespective of their ethnic, social and religious affiliations. This means that our services cut across the different geo-political zones in Nigeria.

We knew the tasks will be quite tough and challenging due to lack of funds to meet up set projects of the foundation and this has been the case since our inception in December 2016. We decided to register for crowd-funding with global giving international, to enable us raise funds to meet set goals. Now, we are proud partners with that organization where our projects are continually published for crowd funding.

We are not deterred but determined to carry-on our task of charity despite our prevalent challenges. We limit our set goals to youth empowerment through skill acquisition programs and scholarship opportunities to selected individuals depending on available resources. We however, carry on other charities such as, responding to the needs of the poor and victims of social or natural disasters.

We believe that with great partners, we could achieve our set goals standing as go-between donors and receivers. We need philanthropic organizations to consider sponsoring some of our projects and we assure you that your donations will make great impact as we oblige continuous feedbacks to whatever grants we receive.

Let us together form a chain to light up the lives of so many who are at the verge of giving up due to how life plays out on them. We can redeem them; we can build them; we can give their lives a meaning once again. Be our proud partner, be our proud donor. Welcome to our foundation!

We live for others!

Rev. Fr. Andrew Orogun.