Allis vivere Foundation Membership/Partnership

We welcome partnership from anyone either as an individual or Corporate body willing to serve God through charity to the less opportune in the society. Membership is for a life time and not transferable.

Membership can be classified into the following categories

  1. Nominal Membership: This category of partners are the ones nominated by the founder of the foundation.
  2. Beneficiary Members: This category of partners are beneficiaries of the foundation's charitable acts and choose to join the network of partners so as use impact others in the society through the foundation.
  3. Voluntary Members: These are individuals whose choose to join the foundation voluntarily. To become a Voluntary member of the foundation, it is required that one fills the Form below or send us a mail of interest through or

Obligation of Members

  1. Members shall pray for the intention of the foundation.
  2. Members shall give a token fee according to their abilities to support the works of Charity which the foundation shall embark upon through the founder.
  3. Members shall be present at the founder’s day celebration every year to celebrate with the founder and receive progress report of the foundation.

Kindly fill the following Form to be a Voluntary Partner or Member